Quantum Loophole: Quantum Loophole Starts Development on its 1GW Campus in Maryland

Jun 23, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Quantum Loophole has broken ground on its 1GW data center campus. The company started working on the critical infrastructure part of the site. The work it started covers power distribution, underground fiber distribution ducts, water and sewer pump stations and piping, roads and entryways, amongst others. Quantum Loophole is developing a 2,100-acre data center park in conjunction with TPG Real Estate Partners in Virginia.

The company said the 1GW data center campus would involve data center modules with a capacity of 30-20MW. In addition, the data center campus will include a battery farm for large-scale energy storage. Quantum Loophole expects the data center to be online in 2024. The first company to buy land at the data center park is Aligned. However, the company did not reveal any other information about its planned facility.