OVH Group: Quantum Computer Purchased by OVHcloud

Mar 20, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

A French data center company OVHcloud purchased a quantum computer for internal usage. The technology was created by the French company Quandela, and a photonic processor powers the 2-qubit MosaiQ computer. Delivery is anticipated for this year's fall. No purchasing price was made public. OVH stated that its objective is to give the company's research and development division the capability to test a machine based on a Quantum Processor Unit (QPU) for diverse use cases. The future availability of OVH's portal-based access to the quantum system for consumers is currently unknown. Where the system would be housed was not disclosed by OVH. Despite Klaba's headquarters being in Lille, France, the firm maintains two R&D centers in Gdansk and Wroclaw. 

Quandela, a Paris-based company founded in 2017, has funded around €15 million to build its quantum photonics platform, which transmits quantum light photons to quantum computing units. The system, which can fit into a normal 19" rack system, is supercooled to a maximum of -265 C. Quantum companies regularly provide access to their on-premise quantum technologies via web portals and the open cloud. IonQ has its own data center in Maryland and offers access to its systems through other clouds, including Azure and Google Cloud. 

In addition to operating several Quantum machines out of a New York data center that is accessible through a portal, IBM has also agreed to establish several on-premise centers in Europe, Asia, and North America. Also, it is adding extra equipment to IBM sites in a number of regions, including Canada and Japan. Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), a UK-based provider of quantum computing, had previously announced intentions to house its machines in the Cyxtera and Equinix colocation centers located in the UK and Japan, respectively. Customers of each colo company will be able to access the systems using the firms' own fabric offerings.

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