QScale: QScale breaks ground on AI-focused data center in Levis, Quebec

Jun 04, 2021 | Posted by Bob Tester

Qscale, a new Canadian company, has announced plans to build at least three renewable energy-powered data centers in Quebec. The facilities will specialize in AI, and construction has already begun on the first campus in Levis, with an expected delivery of November 2022.

The project, forecast to require up to $3 billion to complete, will also see the construction of a second facility located in the Ecoparc de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Montreal.

LeSoleil has reported that the company has already purchased 75,000 square meters (807,300 sq ft), with the option to acquire an additional 36,000 sqm (387,500 sq ft) more over the next three years. According to reports, the company intends to construct two buildings with five floors, spanning ​​nearly 86,200 sqm (900,000 sq ft) in total. The company also claims that its server cabinets will have five times the processing capacity of a conventional data center.

On top of this, QScale plans to utilize excess heat from the facilities and use it in greenhouses for the surrounding agricultural ground.

Rendering of the QScale Lévis Campus in Quebec

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