DCI Indonesia H2: PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCI) Announces The Construction of the Second Location Hyperscale Data Center Campus (H2)

Jul 02, 2021 | Posted by Bob Tester

JAKARTA, June 21, 2021 - As part of PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCI)’s commitment in being the leading provider of data center services in Indonesia, officially announced the construction of a second location for DCI campus hyperscale data center in the Region Pertiwi Lestari Industrial Estate Karawang.

“DCI has two data center locations in Cibitung and Karawang with a distance of more than 30 kilometers, where both have the same global operational standards. Thus, DCI is able to accommodate broader customer needs in the midst of accelerating digitization in Indonesia by providing a hyperscale data center campus with a total capacity of more than 1000 Megawatts,” as stated by CEO of DCI Indonesia Toto Sugiri.

The second hyperscale data center site of DCI is called H2, which is currently entering the final stage of development (topping off) and is scheduled to operate in the fourth quarter of 2021.

DCI's initiatives are always one step ahead in terms of technological innovation, for that reason DCI will also start adopting renewable energy in operating the entire data center building. Our expectation is that Indonesia's data center industry will be more resilient and ready to compete globally in welcoming the rapid growth of the digital economy in Southeast Asia.

In line with DCI's vision and mission to become a trusted data center provider in Southeast Asia, the H2 data center building is a tangible manifestation of the long-term strategic partnership between DCI as a data center operator and Anthony Salim as an asset owner.

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