Northern Virginia: Powerhouse data center developments and sustainability

Feb 23, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

PowerHouse is one of the latest companies to enter Northern Virginia and join the data center boom. A division of American Real Estate Partners, and backed by investment firm Harrison Street, the company also recently joined the Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) Climate Accord, becoming one of 170 companies to do so. Now it is planning an 80 MW facility in Ashburn.

The facility, currently under construction, is located on 10 acres at 21529 Beaumeade Circle in Ashburn, and is named ABX. It will be the first building of its new development project to be completed, comprising one two-story 265,000 sq ft (25,000 sqm) building. 

The company has outlined that when at full build-out, the facility will offer 45MW across six data halls, and will be expandable up to 80 MW.

With the reported aim of making data center design, operation and construction more transparent and sustainable, its current projects total 2.1 million sq ft (195,100 sqm) with up to 338 MW of critical power.

Further, the company has outlined that it prioritizes sustainability from the roots of its operations, and as a company that owns the land it builds data centers on, it aims to preserve trees, and uses steel with recycled materials and eco-friendly roofing material when possible, while minimizing microplastics.