Microsoft Azure: offers discount for greener data centers

Feb 29, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji, a platform for building, running and scaling web applications, is offering customers a three percent 'greener region discount' when using a data center that consumes electricity that is less than 100gCO₂e/kWh. Customers have a choice of six data center regions across five countries to select from that qualify for the discount, covering France, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and the US.

“With Upsun, we are offering our most efficient cloud orchestration, providing better alignment between cost optimization and carbon footprint," said Fred Plais, co-founder and CEO, "With the greener region discount, we aim to contribute to making a real impact by bearing the cost of this incentive, thereby empowering our users to reduce their carbon footprint in the cloud while staying cost-efficient."

Leah Goldfarb, environmental impact officer at, said: “Using a location-based approach, we display the underlying carbon intensity (in gCO₂e/kWh) of the electrical grid supplying the individual data center. For our typical client, this is more accurately aggregated over a full 12-month period."