OVH Group: OVHcloud Opens New Data Center in Undisclosed Mumbai, India Location

Mar 23, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

A new facility has been opened by the data center company OVHcloud in Mumbai, India. The company announced the opening this week, but no information was given regarding the facility's location or specs. The facility uses OVHcloud's unique water cooling technology, which the company claimed was being modified to accommodate the area's tropical climate. OVH announced intentions to create 15 additional locations by 2024 during the opening of its SBG5 facility in Strasbourg, France, in December. The company said that it intends to open data centers in Sydney and Singapore before the end of the year. According to Terry Maiolo, VP and general manager of APAC, India is already one of OVHcloud's top-performing markets in the APAC area, and it continues to show exceptional potential for company growth. A strong testament to this potential and a validation of their dedication to their partners and customers in India is the strategically placed opening of their first data center there. 

Its capacity to offer clients in India and the region high-performance cloud solutions with optimized and predictable price-performance ratios will increase as a result of the new generation of data centers they have built, together with improved compute and scalable storage capabilities. 
OVH has data facilities in operating condition and under development in France, Canada, the US, Australia, Germany, Poland, the UK, as well as Singapore. The December notification included initiatives for Singapore and Australia, as well as a tenth facility (RBX10) at its Roubaix campus, a new availability zone with three facilities in Paris, a new facility (GRA4) in Gravelines, a fourth facility (LIM4) at its Lumburg site in Germany, a ninth facility (BHS9) in Beauharnois in Canada, and a new facility in Toronto.

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