OVH Group: OVHcloud announces a new data center in Singapore

Nov 08, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

European cloud and data center firm OVHcloud has launched a new data center in Singapore. The company said, “OVHcloud’s newest data center will feature an integrated water cooling system that is built into a vertical rack designed to facilitate cooling at the server level, eliminating the need for air conditioning in server rooms.”

The current restrictions relating to the development of data centers in the city-state have aroused suspicions that this might not be a new facility but rather one the company is leasing within an existing data center owned by another company. OVH has not shared the location of this facility or its size, but noted it will be running its own “advanced” proprietary water cooling technology on the site, making this its “most sustainable” data center in the Asia-Pacific region to date.

Michel Paulin, OVHcloud CEO, said to the media, "As the Asia-Pacific region's foremost digital capital, Singapore remains a critical market for OVHcloud. There is a clear need for data centers, particularly sustainable ones, that can both lower the overall carbon footprint of digitalization and support the compute needs of emerging technologies, like Generative AI, for Singapore to retain its position as a leading digital innovation hub. As a pioneer in water cooling technology for more than 20 years, we are confident in our ability to reliably meet customers’ needs for sustainable cloud solutions as their digital needs evolve.”

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