Cyxtera Waltham BO2: Oracle NetSuite Went Down Due to a Fire at a Cyxtera Facility

Feb 20, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

A fire at a Cyxtera data facility in Boston was the cause of a multi-day Oracle NetSuite outage. The issues, which started on February 14 and are now primarily addressed, affected NetSuite users in the US. When firefighters came, they immediately turned off the power, resulting in an outage. According to a statement from Cyxtera, smoke was seen emerging from electrical devices in the power room of one of their 2 data centers in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

To protect everyone, responding fire department authorities ordered a power outage at the scene and an evacuation of the premises. The company also said that a solution to restore power operations for client settings had been put in place by Cyxtera's engineering and technical staff. Customers have returned to the facility following standard access protocols, the data center was stable, and physical access to the location has been restored. They kept looking into what caused the situation, and they will keep customers updated. They expressed sorrow for the service interruption and gratitude to their clients for their ongoing tolerance. 

The failures with NetSuite happened concurrently with a larger problem with Oracle Cloud's DNS, although they don't seem connected. A considerable amount of data was lost when an OVHcloud data center entirely burnt down in 2021. Although a firefighters' report offered some information, OVH has not yet revealed what started the fire. A lithium-ion battery fire last year led to a significant KakaoTalk outage in South Korea. A Chinese microprocessor and an Iranian telecom exchange were among the other places that experienced fires.

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