Djibouti Data Center: Omantel partners with Djibouti Data Centre to expand Africa footprint

Mar 28, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Omantel has signed a partnership deal with Wingu Group's Djibouti Data Centre with the aim of expanding into the African market. Further, through the deal, Djibouti will:
  • Pursue new wholesale partnerships with operators and hyperscalers,
  • Enhance the utilization of connectivity between Oman and Africa, 
  • Facilitate better commercial models.

Speaking about the deal, Sohail Qadir, Vice President of the Wholesale Business Unit in Omantel, commented that the partnership with Wingu Group's Djibouti Data Center presents the company with a "great opportunity" to solidify its presence in Africa. Further, Qadir said the move would help it attract more customers to connect to and from Africa, "resulting in an enhanced customer experience and new business opportunities for Omantel and Djibouti Data Center." Adding: "This is indeed another important milestone of fulfilling our wholesale vision: from Oman to the World".

Demos Kyriacou, Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer at Wingu Group, the owner and operator of Djibouti Data Center (DDC), said: "We pride ourselves on creating a strategic gateway to East and Southern Africa. We are pleased to cement this partnership with a prestigious global player like Omantel. A collaboration of this nature will trigger greater connectivity in the region and inspire more global players to collocate in our Djibouti data center."

Adding: "We are very happy that the Djibouti Data Center has cemented itself as a reliable and cost-effective gateway hub to many of the fastest growing markets and service providers in Africa. The interest from such world-class players as Omantel has prompted us to begin construction on a second facility, which will provide, uniquely in Djibouti, our clients with an integrated Cable Landing Stations and carrier-neutral data center".