Northern Ireland: Offaly could be home to a new data center

Sep 17, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

It has been rumoured that a new data center could be on its way to Offaly, Ireland. ​​A senior official of Offaly County Council hinted at this last week at Offaly when discussing renewable energy targets. 

Andrew Murray, a senior planner, commented the data center industry could potentially target the town as Dublin face's grid constraints.

He outlined that going forward, Offaly contribution to the national grid would be important: "One, the grid is less constrained in Offaly, and two, big companies, corporate entities, more and more now, want to locate beside renewable energy because it's part of their image and their corporate investment."

That said, Murray outlined that when it comes to renewable energy developments in the county, "reasonable balance" would play a big part in decision making: "If each individual wind farm is not part of this reasonable balance we will not be afraid to say we don't recommend it," he said.