ODATA SA: Odata unveils its data center facility in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aug 25, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Odata, a data center company from Latin America, has opened a new campus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This week, the company announced the debut of its RJ01 facility, which provides up to 24MW. On a 20,000-square-meter lot in So Joo do Meriti, the facility features 18,000 square meters of raised floor space. Odata reported investing $50 million in the initiative. A portion of the property is currently leased to two hyperscale customers. Odata also announced the successful completion of the commissioning of its SP02 data center, located in the Hortolandia municipality of So Paulo state.

Odata, founded in 2015 by the Brazilian private equity firm Patria Investments, was acquired by Aligned earlier this year. Odata provides colocation services from four data center facilities in Brazil and one in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. The corporation intends to construct a second facility in Chile and is expanding its Sao Paulo campus.