ODATA SA: OData announces new data center facility in Santiago, Chile

Nov 09, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

LatAm data center firm OData announced the launch of its second data center facility in Chile called the DC ST02, located in San Bernardo in the south of Santiago. This new addition to the Aligned-owned company’s portfolio offers 40.6MW across 366,000 square feet and features an on-site substation.

 Ricardo Alário, OData's LATAM CEO, said, “One notable point in the construction of our second data center in the country was our nimbleness and agility in adapting to Chilean regulations to ensure that the site complies with all legal requirements without affecting the agreed delivery time. We have effectively navigated diverse environments with varying building and zoning legislation and often, high complexity.”

In similar news, the data center firm announced the expansion of its first Chile facility, the DC ST01 campus, with plans for a second building.