NTT Data: NTT DATA to test exterior solar cells

Feb 28, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

NTT Data has announced that it is pursuing a demonstration testing of film-type perovskite solar cells installed on the exterior walls of buildings in collaboration with Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. This is reportedly aligned with the company's pursuit of environmental measures for its data centers and its aim to achieve carbon neutrality at its data centers by 2030.

This new project is aimed at addressing the difficulties around the implementation of ordinary solar panels in central metropolitan areas. It has outlined that through utilizing film-type perovskite solar cells developed to generate and use renewable energy at its existing facilities in urban areas, local production of renewable energy for local consumption will be fully realized. 

The test will assess the issues around installing film-type perovskite solar cells on the exterior of a building, and initially, solar cells will be installed on a small area on the exterior wall of Sekisui Chemical's R&D center. Later, in April 2024, a system will be installed on the exterior wall of the NTT Shinagawa TWINS Data Tower; this will reportedly verify the generating efficiency in urban areas alongside other aspects of practical application. 

NTT Data has said that it plans to introduce the system at all 16 of its data centers and offices in Japan.

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