NFINIT: Nfinit Is Upgrading Two Facilities in San Diego

Jun 03, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Nfinit has announced its plans to upgrade two facilities in San Diego for $8 million. The data center company was acquired by LightEdge earlier in April. Nfinit revealed that it would be updating the software and hardware of its cloud infrastructure. By so doing, it will be adding new chillers and an uninterruptible power supply. 

Nfinit’s critical infrastructure VP, Gabriel Faulkner, said the company is making infrastructural upgrades to reduce customers’ utility fees to the barest minimum. He added that the power costs in San Diego have increased by up to 41 percent over the last three years. He, however, noted that the company has only passed on about 13 percent of the cost to the customers.

According to Nfinit, its primary data center with 7,400 square meters (80,000 square feet) of space’s PUE will improve by 20% after the upgrades.

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