Netrality Properties: Netrality Properties acquires Indy Telcom Center

Jul 21, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Netrality Properties has completed the acquisition of Indianapolis-based carrier hotel provider, Indy Telcom Center. The deal involves Netrality acquiring a nine-acre campus on West Henry Street. Indy Telcom’s campus has 205,000 square feet of space spread across eleven buildings. The buildings are dedicated to fiber customers and wholesale and power shell tenants.

The acquired campus also features seven long-haul network operators and thirteen metro network operators. These include Zayo, Telia Carrier, Crown Castle, Lumen, and Windstream. Netrality didn’t reveal the terms of payment; however, the management team at Indy will remain unchanged.

CEO of Netrality Data Centers, Gerald M. Marshall, said the Company is happy at the opportunity to be able to expand its footprint in the robust, network-rich region through the acquisition of Indy Telcom. He further added that the acquisition helps expand the Company’s capacity to deliver strategic colocation and interconnection to businesses that depend on ultra-low latency data processing in the Midwest.

Indy Telcom Center

Netrality Press Release on July 20, 2021

Indianapolis, IN – July 20, 2021 –  Netrality Data Centers today announced the acquisition of Indy Telcom Center, an innovative solutions provider for data storage and seamless interconnected networks. Netrality will now own and operate carrier hotels in six markets throughout the U.S.—opening doors to new opportunities for interconnection and colocation for its customers.

In Indianapolis, Netrality will own approximately 205,000 square feet, 11 buildings on a 9-acre campus dedicated to wholesale and powered shell tenants and fiber customers. The campus features 13 metro network operators and 7 long-haul network operators including Lumen, Crown Castle, Telia Carrier, Windstream, Zayo and US Signal. The current management team will remain in place.

Indy Telcom’s strategic Midwest location facilitates access to the fiber crossroads of America providing connectivity to Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, Kansas City and Pittsburgh and making it a premier data center for telecom companies and enterprise customers. Located in downtown Indianapolis, Indy Telcom is well protected from hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters creating an ideal environment for business continuity.

“Indy Telcom Center is an exceptional campus that expands our ability to provide interconnection and strategic colocation to businesses dependent on ultra-low latency data processing across the Midwest,” said Gerald M. Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Netrality Data Centers. “We are pleased at the opportunity to further expand our footprint and accelerate business growth in the robust, network-rich, region.”

Kurtz & Revness, PC served as legal counsel and Morrissey Realty brokered the transition for Netrality Data Centers. Blackwell, Burke & Ramsey, P.C. served as legal counsel for Indy Telecom.

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