Northern Virginia: More people speak out against data centers near Manassas battlefield

Jan 12, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

More people are speaking out against proposed data centers along Pageland Lane, near Manassas National Battlefield. The latest to outline his opposition to the construction plans is documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. 

In a letter to Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Burns expressed "fear" around the "devastating impact" up to 2,133 acres of data centers could have on what he called "hallowed land." His request for the board of supervisors to reconsider comes not long after the former Superintendent of Manassas National Battlefield Park also penned a letter expressing opposition to the tech development.

On this, Burns said that the warning of the Superintendent should "not be taken lightly." He added: "As a student and chronicler of American history for more than 40 years, I can attest to how fragile our precious heritage is and how susceptible it can be to the ravages of 'progress.'"
Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

According to reports, proponents of the data center proposals have sent in requests that would alter the county's Comprehensive Plan, changing it from agricultural zoning to technology zoning. This could lead to 27.6 million square feet of data centers if accepted.

Those pushing for the development to go ahead have also pointed out that Burns' support of preserving the land is the documentary maker's "latest gift to the Confederacy." Furthermore, many in the area have questioned the "need" to elevate or the South's "epic quest to preserve its abhorrent institution."

The debate continues, and as of now, a public hearing on the Pageland application has not been planned.

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