Northern Virginia: More data centers ahead for Loudoun County?

Nov 28, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In recent years, Chuck Kuhn, the founder, and CEO of JK Moving, has become a big player in the data center real estate market scene in Northern Virginia. Now, it appears that he’s looking to develop a new facility in Loudoun County, following the application for a large data center and warehouse development on 112 acres that he owns near Leesburg, Virginia.

Speaking about his decision to pursue a new data center development in Northern Virginia, Kuhn said: “The Cochran Mills area is tucked away and (has) long been used for heavy industrial, so our plan is a good fit and will contribute to the county’s growth. This is also consistent with our goal to balance growth with preservation.”

As per the proposal, the development would replace asphalt and concrete plants on Cochran Mills Road.

Kuhn, who owns a considerable amount of land in the area, has also dedicated much of it to conservation. In total, he owns more than 22,000 acres. This includes the 150 acres near Purcellville that he transformed into the nonprofit JK Community Farm, the site where volunteers from the data center industry recently helped build 25 raised beds, to boost food provisions for low-income families in the area, and bolster the bee population. 

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