Indonesia: MNC to partner with Infokom for data center development in Lido resort city Indonesia

Oct 13, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

MNC Land and Infokom have signed a deal to develop a data center in a new resort city south of Jakarta, Indonesia. MNC Land is a subsidiary of MNC Group, an Indonesian conglomerate. West Java, Lido City, is located to the south of Bogor City, and it is an MNC project to create a large resort and tourist destination in Indonesia. The site will have hotels, a golf course, theme parks, and other attractions.

PT Infokom is a local ICT firm. Under the agreement between the two companies, Infokom will develop an integrated infrastructure and high-tech ecosystem within MNC’s Lido City. Infokom will provide a data center, fiber optic networks, and core IT infrastructure within Lido City. The goal of the two companies is to set up a “Techno Park” in Lido city. The site will also use green energy to power its operations.

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