Microsoft Azure: Microsoft to use renewable natural gas in San Jose facility

Dec 13, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Microsoft recently revealed its plans to use renewable natural gas (RNG) made from food waste to help power a microgrid that provides resilience at its San Jose data center. Fuel cell provider Enchanted Rock is in charge of this project and announced in 2022 that the microgrid would use biogas injected into the gas pipes upstream of the facility.

 Thomas McAndrew, founder and CEO of Enchanted Rock said, “Enchanted Rock has always been committed to using the cleanest fuel available without compromising on reliability for our customer.”

He added, “After announcing our renewable natural gas solution in 2021 and this particular Microsoft data center project in 2022, we’re proud to be taking this important next step toward seeing this key technology in operation. We’re pleased to be partnering with US Energy and look forward to showcasing how RNG can be the new standard in providing carbon-neutral, dependable backup power.”