Microsoft Azure: Microsoft signs wind PPA with Potentia and Greengate

Nov 10, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Microsoft has entered into a 15-year power-purchase agreement with Potentia Renewables Inc. (Potentia) and Greengate Power Corporation's (Greengate) Paintearth Wind Project LP. As per the PPA, Microsoft will procure wind energy from the 198MW Paintearth Wind Project in Paintearth County, Alberta. This will total approximately 543GWh of renewable energy from Paintearth Wind annually once operational in 2023.

Commenting on this deal, Ben Greenhouse, Potentia's senior vice president of growth, said: "Potentia is honored to work with Microsoft and appreciates the work that both companies put into this agreement. We look forward to growing our relationship with Microsoft and the community around the Paintearth project as we continue to grow employment and investment in Alberta's renewable energy sector."

Dan Balaban, CEO of Greengate, shared similar sentiments, and stated that Paintearth Wind will "create jobs and contribute meaningfully towards the goal of a net-zero electricity grid."

"Renewable energy supply contracts like this agreement with Potentia and Greengate are key to meeting our goal of contracting 100 per cent of our energy consumption with renewable sources by 2025," said Chris Barry, President of Microsoft Canada. "This agreement with Paintearth Wind is an important step in helping Microsoft deliver on our r

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