Microsoft Azure: Microsoft signs new solar PPA in Texas

Apr 02, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Microsofr this week announced that it has entered into a two 200MW Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with Energy firm Leeward Renewable Energy (LRE) which will help it purchase the power generated from two 200MW LRE solar facilities currently under development in Texas: Morrow Lake Solar in Frio County, and Cradle Solar in Brazoria County.

“We are honored to collaborate with Microsoft in our joint commitment to accelerate the energy transition with the addition of these clean energy projects,” said Jason Allen, LRE CEO. “We look forward to strengthening our relationships with Frio County and Brazoria County as we develop and operate the two facilities and deliver substantial and transformative benefits for local residents and communities for years to come, all while we support US manufacturing.”

Will Furgeson, VP of SunChase Power added, “Morrow Lake would not have been possible without the commitment of our landowners or the ongoing support of local stakeholders. We are excited to partner with LRE to bring another solar project to Frio County and to bolster ERCOT’s supply of electricity production during the times when ERCOT most needs it – midday hours of the hottest days and most extreme weather conditions when system reliability is at a premium.”