Microsoft Azure: Microsoft signs further PPAs in Ireland

Nov 24, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Microsoft has signed CPPAs with Statkraft, Energia Group, and Power Capital Renewable Energy, for 900MW to cover its data center operations in Ireland and 28% of Ireland's renewable energy target for 2030. By 2025, the giant expects to power 100% of its Irish facilities with renewable energy. 

“This announcement builds on our efforts to make our data centers more sustainable and foster new innovations to support the growth of renewables on the energy grid here in Ireland,” Noelle Walsh, corporate vice president of cloud operations and innovation at Microsoft, said.

“As we continue to support the growing demand for Cloud across public and private sectors, Microsoft is committed to partnering with all stakeholders to help Ireland on its grid decarbonization journey while unlocking the opportunities of a digital economy and society.”

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