Microsoft Sandviken, Sweden: Microsoft's Staffanstorp, Sweden Data Center Expansion Plan Canceled

Sep 02, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Microsoft has announced that it is no longer expanding one of its data centers in Sweden. Instead, it will explore other locations in the country to develop a new data center. Microsoft first announced a new Azure cloud region in Sweden in November 2020. It also officially opened the new cloud region in late 2021. With facilities in Staffanstorp, Sandviken, and Gayle, the combined Azure cloud region is known as Sweden Central. According to Microsoft, its facility in Staffanstorp, Skåne/Scania County, will not be expanded any further, and it is currently seeking new sites to develop in the south of Sweden.

Per the company’s statement: “Microsoft Sweden can announce today that the company has chosen to withdraw its permit application for the construction and operation of backup power units at the data center in Staffanstorp.” It continued by saying the decision was made because of the increased demand for secure data storage and cloud services. It said a larger data center is the only way to meet the demand.

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