Microsoft Azure: Microsoft granted 'Tolerance decision' for construction of its Holland Kroon data center

Sep 17, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Permission has been granted to Microsoft to resume construction work on its Hollands Kroon data center in the Netherlands. But it would be doing so at its own risk. The Hollands Kroon municipality, through the North Sea Cana Area Environment Agency, has allowed Microsoft to continue work on its data center at Het Scherm in Middenmeer through a ‘Tolerance decision.’ However, the agency granted the authorization in anticipation of the final permit.

According to Hollands Kroon, a tolerance decision is only granted under stringent conditions. The tolerance decision is also only granted when the final environmental permit is guaranteed. The municipality said “Based on the submitted application and the assessment of the documents, it is plausible that the requested environmental permit for construction and the environment can be granted in the short term. In anticipation of this, Microsoft may start construction of the data center in Middenmeer at its own risk.”

Hollands Kroon initially granted Microsoft an environmental permit to start work on its new data center close to where it has an existing facility. However, the Noord-Holland province ruled that the municipality does not have the authority to grant the permit. The province then launched enforcement procedures against Microsoft for working without a permit. The North Sea Cana Area Environment Agency has now issued the permit on behalf of the province after it examined the documents presented.