Microsoft Azure: Microsoft files to build two data centers in San Jose, California

Nov 24, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Microsoft has filed to build two new data centers at a site in San Jose, California, it has been reported. The proposal details plans for two-building on a 632,000-square-foot campus on 22 vacant acres near the intersection of Orchard Parkway and Component Drive. 

These two new additions have been proposed as the company awaits planning permission for two other facilities at a site elsewhere in the city. 

Microsoft originally bought the plot back in May 2021 for $78 million from LBA Realty and reportedly intends to break ground on the first facility in July 2024 for a late 2025 completion, while it aims to have the second data center building completed in 2028.

According to reports, the Orchard Parkway site includes a power substation and an onsite, high-voltage switching station owned by Pacific Gas & Electric.

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