Microsoft Azure: Microsoft expands adds South Korea and South Africa Azure regions

Oct 12, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Microsoft has announced that it has added Availability Zones to its Cloud regions in South Korea and South Africa. It has also de-listed another region in South Africa. Each of the newly expanded Cloud regions in South Korea and South Africa now has three Availability Zones.
Microsoft Cloud Regions are usually launched with three Availability Zones. These are three different locations that are within a single region. The goal is to provide better redundancy and availability. However, there are situations where Microsoft launches a single zone which can be expanded later.

The company launched two regions in South Korea in 2017. It launched in Busan and Seoul. Seoul now has three Availability Zones, while the Busan region has only one available zone. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Johannesburg region has three Availability Zones. In other news, Microsoft has also de-listed its Cape Town region.

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