Microsoft Azure: Microsoft buys 17 acres of land in Georgia for further expansion

Jan 20, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

According to Biz Journal, Microsoft has acquired extra 17 acres of land in Fulton County of Georgia. In addition, the Fulton County property deeds confirmed the purchase by showing that Microsoft bought 10 acres of land from Macq LLC for $1 million and 7 acres from Lit/Hodges Industrial Trust for $1.1 million. Microsoft is building two facilities in the county as part of its new East US 3 Azure region. The company announced plans for the Azure region last year.

Microsoft also bought 125 acres of land in Fulton County in April 2021. Records also show that the company plans to develop a 250,000 square feet data center on the land. In addition, it is building another 250,000 square feet facility in Palmetto. It also acquired 93 acres of land in Douglas County to complete its third zone in the East Azure region.

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