Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure data centers operating "with limited server capacity"

Jul 07, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Microsoft Azure has announced that worldwide its data centers are now operating with a limited server capacity available to customers as a result of a global supply shortage. The company has over 200 data centers across the world, stretching across 60 regions - however, reports indicate that over two dozen are operating with limited capacity (including in Washington State, US, Europe and Asia.) Insiders have also claimed that this is expected to be the case until early 2023 and that it is currently operating in the yellow zone.

These issues have, in part, been attributed to "unprecedented growth in the cloud" alongside chip and semiconductor shortages and, according to a report by The Telegraph, Microsoft's commitments to support Ukraine.

In a statement to The Register, a spokesperson said: "With this surge, coupled with macro trends impacting the whole industry, we've taken steps to address customer increases in capacity while also expediting server deployment in our datacenters. Our priority remains ensuring business continuity for customers. In addition to managing and planning for growth, we actively load balance as needed." Adding: "If it does become necessary to put capacity restrictions in place, we will first restrict trials and internal workloads to prioritize growth of existing customers." 

According to Microsoft Azure, it has now stopped accepting new customers for some UK-based customers for Cosmos DB and virtual machines in UK South and UK West. Likewise, elsewhere, prioritizing capacity for existing business users, means that new customers will likely be faced with quotas. 

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