United Kingdom: Loughborough University announces plans for data center

Mar 24, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Loughborough University has announced that it has filed to build a data center in its student village in Leicestershire, UK.  According to the University, the IT facility, part of the Energy and Data Hub, will also be used to supply district heating services to local student housing. 

The hub, located at Elvyn Way, will be made up of a single-story building, with a floor area spanning approximately 165 sqm (1,765 sq ft) in floor area. The university intends to complete the construction of the new Energy Hub by September 2023.

The firm behind the build, David Morely Architects, outlined: "The university have taken the project as an opportunity to enhance the campus with any lost landscape being replaced with an accessible external roofscape for staff and students to meet up at the appropriately described 'heart' of the student village.

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