Israel: LightSolver makes laser-based computing system generally available

Mar 22, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Laser-based computing startup LightSolver has made its LPU100 system generally available to selected enterprise clients of LightSolver via the company’s new cloud platform. 

This system utilizes all-optical coupled lasers that require no electronics to compute and combines the company’s all-optical LPU hardware with an algorithmic processing layer to provide ultra-fast results for problems with up to one million variables. It is similar to a standard server and operates with low power requirements and at room temperature, but around the same size as a desktop computer.

“The LPU100 gives enterprises a competitive advantage today by enabling them to fully optimize their business processes and make better, data-backed decisions,” said Shlomi, LightSolver’s CEO. “This technological achievement is already proving more scalable and practical than quantum computers and supercomputers, and we are excited to share its power with our customers through the cloud-based LightSolver platform.”