Lendlease Data Centre Partners: Lendlease selects Google as primary cloud provider, plans to exit its data centers by 2022

Sep 08, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Lendlease has selected Google Cloud as its primary cloud provider. Aside from that, it is also planning to exit all of its on-premises data centers by 2022. The news comes as a shock since it has a $1 billion data center fund and is in the process of developing a $600 million hyperscale facility in Japan.

A statement from the Company reads, “With Google Cloud as the foundation for its digital transformation strategy, Lendlease will move to the cloud by migrating its mission-critical enterprise workloads, including its data-intense CAD platforms, in-house project excellence platform, Oli, and its Oracle-based eFinance system.”

Google Cloud Australia and New Zealand VP Alister Dias added that since Lendlease would be running on the cleanest cloud in the industry, it would become more efficient. He also said that it would help Lendlease reduce its environmental footprint.