Equinix: Landowners sue City of Chicago over blocked sale for Equinix expansion

Mar 27, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Landowners in Chicago are suing the city over the blocked sale of their property to Equinix, a data center company. The landowners allege that the city's actions were unconstitutional and violated their property rights. Equinix had planned to build a data center on the site at 2545 South Martin Luther King Drive, which would have created new jobs and increased tax revenue for the city. However, the city blocked the sale, citing concerns over the potential impact on the area's water supply. The lawsuit seeks damages for the lost opportunity and the alleged violation of the landowners' rights. Equinix has not yet commented on the situation. The landowners claim that the city's decision was arbitrary and not based on any legitimate concern. They argue that the proposed data center would have been beneficial for the community, providing new jobs and contributing to the local economy.

In response, the city stated it was responsible for protecting the local environment and acting in its citizens' best interests. The city also noted that it had offered to purchase the land from the landowners at a fair price, but the offer was declined. The outcome of the lawsuit is uncertain, but it highlights the challenges that arise when balancing economic development with environmental concerns. The case also underscores the importance of protecting property rights while ensuring that development projects are sustainable and benefit the community as a whole.