Khazna: Khazna Data Centers Becomes Middle East’s Largest Data Center Provider

Jun 07, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

G42 and e& have merged their data centers to form Khazna Data Centers. With the merger, Khazna Data Centers is now operating 12 facilities. In addition, 13 more data centers are under construction, with three more being planned. Upon completion of all the planned facilities, Khazna DC will have more than 300MW capacity by the end of 2023 in the UAE. 

The CEO of G42, Peng Xiao, said the company is happy to partner with e& to consolidate its data center assets under the name Khazna Data Center. He added that the company has the utmost confidence that the merger will help attract new global players to the country. These partners will help contribute to developing the country’s economy and digital ecosystem. 

The CEO of e&, Salvador Anglada, said the merger would help improve the company’s ability to design and roll out digital infrastructure that will enable the company to become a leader in the industry.

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