IndoKeppel Data Centre 1 (IKDC 1): Keppel & Salim Group to launch 50MW data center in Bogor, Indonesia

Aug 08, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Keppel & Salim Group have announced the launch of a new data center, a two-story facility, named IKDC1 in Bogor City, Indonesia. According to reports, the facility will be developed over three phases in a seven-hectare data center campus, with a capacity of 50MW. 

The company has outlined that phase one of the facility is now available, offering 5MW across 9,800 sqm (105,300 sq ft).

Speaking about this development on a Linkedin post, Keppel Data Centres said: "Introducing IndoKeppel Data Centre 1 (IKDC1), the first horizontal scaling data center in Indonesia!" Adding: "This colocation data center campus development is the result of collaboration between the Salim conglomerate of Indonesia and Singapore's Keppel Data Centres Group."