Keppel Data Center REIT: Keppel DC REIT Receives Credit Facilities Totaling $73 million

Mar 07, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The DC REIT group of Keppel has received a new credit facility of over $70 million, guaranteed by the financial services firm Perpetual. Keppel DC REIT Fin. Company Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel DC REIT, has procured the Loan Facility guaranteed by Perpetual Ltd (Asia) in its efficiency as trustee of Keppel DC REIT. The loan was a revolving credit arrangement for $20.2 million. That follows a similar statement by the same group of firms at the end of January when they revealed an additional $53.1m revolving credit facility. The announcements did not specify the usage of the credit. REIT administrators are responsible for keeping a REIT's assets on behalf of its shareholders, and their tasks include maintaining compliance and safeguarding shareholder interests. 

Kloud Info Zone, a wholly-owned division of Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte. Ltd. (KDCH), acquired ThinkTech (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. at the end of February, Keppel Corp announced. ThinkTech manages KDCH's China assets. As part of the transaction, Kloud Info Zone has granted ThinkTech's wholly-owned subsidiary $1.9 million in loans through an affiliated company. The funds will finance the needed capital contributions for ThinkTech's underlying investments and operating expenditures. 

Keppel DC REIT, which has 23 data centers in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy, reported gross revenue of $277 million and distributable income of $184 million for all of 2022 in its most recent financial statements. The corporation expressed cautious optimism over 2023's growth prospects.