Amazon AWS: Jeff Bezos provides new details about Blue Origin’s space data center

Dec 23, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has provided a few more details about Blue Origin's plans to put compute in space, which was first announced in October. Bezos explained on the Lex Fridman podcast that the 'Blue Ring' project, aims to provide multiple services to space customers.

He said, "Blue Ring is a very interesting spacecraft that is designed to take up to 3,000kg of payload up to geosynchronous orbit or in lunar vicinity. It has two different kinds of propulsion, it has chemical propulsion and it has electric propulsion.”

He added, "Radiation-tolerant compute is a complicated thing to do, and so we have an unusually large amount of radiation-tolerant compute onboard Blue Ring, and your payload can just use that when it needs to. All these services, it's a set of APIs. It's a little like Amazon Web Services, but for space payload that needs to move about in Earth vicinity or lunar vicinity."