Intel: Intel completes assembly of High NA EUV system in Oregon

Apr 19, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Intel revealed that it has completed the assembly of its High Numerical Aperture NA Extreme Ultraviolet (High NA EUV) lithography tool at the company’s R&D site in Hillsboro, Oregon. This tool will allow it to deliver new levels of precision and scalability in chip manufacturing, enabling the company to “develop chips with the most innovative features and capabilities that are essential for driving advancements in AI and other emerging technologies.”

Intel said it expects to use both 0.33NA EUV and 0.55NA EUV alongside other lithography processes to develop and manufacture its chips, starting with product proof points on Intel 18A in 2025 before moving on to the production of Intel 14A node.

“With the addition of High NA EUV, Intel will have the most well-rounded lithography toolbox in the industry, enabling the company to drive future process capabilities beyond Intel 18A into the second half of this decade,” said Mark Phillips, Intel fellow and director of lithography, hardware and solutions for Intel Foundry Logic Technology Development.