Oracle: IHH Healthcare migrates to Oracle

Apr 17, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

IHH Healthcare (IHH) has migrated its workloads to Oracle's cloud offerings. Its Singapore operations will be moved to Oracle Exadata Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. On the other hand, its Malaysia branch has opted to migrate to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, one of Oracle's on-premise cloud solutions.

Linus Tham, group chief information officer, IHH Healthcare, said: "With the support of Oracle Exadata Database Service on the Exadata platform in Singapore and Malaysia, we are able to leverage cloud benefits while complying with local regulatory requirements.

"This migration marks a significant step towards establishing a unified digital healthcare ecosystem, crucial for dismantling data silos, and enhancing data analytics capabilities for our physicians. By alleviating administrative burdens, our physicians can dedicate more attention to patient care. This also aligns with our strategy to use innovative technologies such as AI to deliver world-class healthcare services."