EXA Infrastructure: Iberian Peninsula, Spain's Digital Infrastructure Receives a $42.5 million Investment From Exa Infrastructure

Mar 30, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Since its founding in 2021, Exa Infrastructure has spent $42.5 million in digital infrastructure for the Iberian Peninsula, Spain. Sixty-two miles of Barcelona's metro network have been upgraded, linking various data centers, including those owned by Interxion, Equinix, Edge Energy, and EdgeConnex, to the AFR-IX Telecom Barcelona Cable Landing Station. Due to the country's advantageous location between Africa, the Middle East, Asia, & Europe, the corporation intends to increase its presence there. The company owns and manages 71,000 miles of fiber networks in 34 nations and revealed plans for a new 372-mile network link connecting Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Bilbao to connect data center clusters across the cities last year. In addition, a new terrestrial transport connection will be established between Lisbon and Sines in Portugal and Exa's Spanish backbone in Madrid and Barcelona. 

The Barcelona Cable Landing Station will house the AFR-IX 'Medusa' underwater cable, a proposed 8,760 km cable connecting the Middle East and Europe that will be installed in the third quarter of 2024. Currently, the landing site has two cables, including the 2Africa cable that arrived in October 2022. Also, the landing station provides 4,100 square feet of colocation space and two meeting rooms. The structure is designed to Tier IV specifications and contains solar panels. In the past year, tremendous investment has been made in Barcelona. Equinix said earlier this year that it would be constructing a second data center in Barcelona, and Vapor IO is extending its Edge service to accommodate it. In September 2022, AQ Compute revealed its intention to construct a 50MW data center.