Equinix: Hyperscale data center from Equinix opens in Japan's capital

Jul 04, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

This week, the company revealed the opening of TY13x. Situated in the Inzai region and opposite TY12x, TY13x provides 8MW in the first phase and 36MW when fully constructed. In October 2019, Equinix partnered with Singapore's GIC sovereign wealth fund to develop hyperscale centers under the xScale brand. In April 2020, plans for 3 Japanese xScale facilities in Tokyo and Osaka were outlined; TY12x opened in March 2021, and OS2x opened later that year. Additionally, the company has partnered with PGIM to develop xScale.

Equinix has opened 12 xScale data centers worldwide, including TY12x and TY13x in Tokyo, OS2x in Osaka, Japan; FR9x and FR11x in Frankfurt, Germany; DB5x in Dublin, Ireland; SY9x in Sydney, Australia; PA8x and PA9x in Paris, France; LD11x and LD13x in London, United Kingdom; and SP5x in So Paulo, Brazil. Currently, the company's hyperscale portfolio totals approximately 175MW, with nine additional xScale builds comprising over 80MW in development between now and 2024. The company intends to construct 36 xScale facilities totaling 720MW.

Equinix has leased roughly 20MW of capacity across the TY12x and OS2x facilities in Japan. According to the company's earnings presentation for the first quarter of 2023, TYK13x has not been released.