Croatia: Hrvatski Telekom signs wind PPA with Liburana

Nov 03, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Hrvatski Telekom has announced a ten-year virtual Power Purchase Agreement with Liburana doo. This vPPA, the first of its kind in Croatia, will see the construction of the 'Mazin Gračac' wind farm, which is forecast to produce 50 GWh per year.

Speaking about the deal, Kostas Nebis, President of the Management Board of Hrvatski Telekom, said that it represents a "major structural energy transition for our company." Further to this, he said: "It is an important step in meeting a significant part of our annual need for electricity from renewable sources, which will directly contribute to the achievement of our ambitious ESG goals. 

According to Nebis, for nearly two years, the company has been using 100% of electricity from renewable sources and is "systematically working to reduce energy consumption."

Mario Klaric, a member of the Management Board and director of Professio Energia dd, added: "We are extremely proud of concluding this Agreement, which represents the basis for concluding the first such vPPA in Croatia. We are glad that Hrvatski Telekom chose Professio Energia dd as a partner for the purpose of implementing its energy transition."

"With the planned construction of the 'Mazin Gračac' wind power plant, we are contributing to the further realization of our vision, according to which we want to become a leading vertically integrated company in the field of development and management of renewable energy projects in Southeast Europe, through further investments, sustainable development, and increasing market capitalization," he said.

The company plans to have the project operational in the last quarter of 2024.

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