: HPE and Nvidia partner on AI portfolio with private cloud for GenAI

Jun 19, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

HPE and Nvidia have entered a partnership to develop a portfolio of AI products, which the two companies say will enable enterprises to accelerate the adoption of generative AI. According to a joint statement, the HPE Private Cloud AI integrates Nvidia’s AI computing, networking, and software offerings with HPE’s AI storage, compute, and GreenLake hybrid cloud solution.

“Generative AI holds immense potential for enterprise transformation, but the complexities of fragmented AI technology contain too many risks and barriers that hamper large-scale enterprise adoption and can jeopardize a company’s most valuable asset, its proprietary data,” said HPE president and CEO Antonio Neri during his keynote speech.

Nvidia’s co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who joined Neri on stage at the event, added: “Never before have Nvidia and HPE integrated our technologies so deeply to equip enterprise clients and AI professionals with the most advanced computing infrastructure and services to expand the frontier of AI.”