ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC): Hackers target data center passwords

Feb 27, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Last week hackers gained access to two Asia-based data center firms, Shanghai-based GDS Holdings and Singapore-based ST Telemedia Global Data Centres. This revelation, first published by Bloomberg, comes after endpoint security firm Resecurity found evidence they had been compromised. Cyber security experts warn that this could leave tech companies vulnerable to spying or sabotage. Further, reports are that login credentials for several mainstream corporate giants, including Microsoft, Samsung, Uber and Apple, etc., were accessed and that the hackers also gained remote access to the companies’ surveillance cameras.

According to reports, around 2,000 customers of both GDS and STT GDC were affected. Both companies have released comment that the compromised information posed “no risk” to clients’ IT systems or data. However, accessing login credentials do provide access to sensitive customer data, and further to this, also risk compromising intellectual property and trade secrets.

Speaking about this, GDS said: “Recently, we detected multiple new attacks from hackers using the old account access information. We have used various technical tools to block these attacks. So far, we haven’t found any new successful break-in from hackers which is due to our system vulnerability.”

“As we are aware, one single customer didn’t reset one of their account passwords to this application which belonged to an ex-employee of theirs. That is the reason why we recently forced a password reset for all the users. We believe this is an isolated event. It is not a result of hackers breaking through our security system.”
These hacks sound the alarm for companies to be more vigilant regarding their cybersecurity measures, and pursue more advanced security technologies to prevent and tackle threats more robustly.