Guam: GTA receives clearance for new Guam cable landing station

Aug 31, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Guam-based telecommunications company GTA TeleGuam has been permitted to construct a new cable landing station (CLS). In May, GTA submitted plans to construct a new CLS in Inalhan, southeast of the island. The Guam Daily Post reported last week that the Guam Hybrid Land Use Commission granted TeleGuam a conditional use permit for the endeavor. The project site is located at the intersection of Belen Avenue and Route 4/Chalan Canon Tasi on a 91,235-square-foot plot near Inalhan Bay. The two-story structure will encompass roughly 19,440 square feet. Although the site will have a modest amount of server space, it will be primarily unstaffed.

During the council meeting, the company stated it intends to provide an eastern landing site alternative to Guam's five existing western landing sites. It is currently unknown whether GTA has any agreements to install impending cables at the new site. Upon completion, the proposed landing station will enable GTA to transport up to six new fiber-optic cables ashore, "expanding the existing telecommunications network between Asia, Australia, Hawaii, and the U.S. mainland," according to GTA's presentation.