Sabey Data Centers: Grant County in Washington is sued by Sabey Data Centers over $2 million in property taxes

Jun 12, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Integrate Quincy of Sabey Data Centers is suing Grant County, Washington, over its real estate taxes. Over the past two years, the company claims to have paid $3.3 million in county tax payments under protest, reflecting nearly $2 million in excess charges for which it now requests a full reimbursement. 

Integrate Quincy asserts that the tax assessment documented by the assessor's office in Grant County was unfair. The assessor's office estimated the value of the company's data centers to be $239 million in 2020 and $237 million in 2021; nevertheless, Intergate Quincy contends that the properties were, in fact, valued at $132 million and $123 million, respectively. The case was sent to the Douglas County Superior Court earlier this week, but Grant County has not yet replied. 

The Sabey Data Centers facility in Quincy is the data center in question. Two new buildings are nearing completion of construction as part of recent expansion efforts at the facility. In February of 2022, the corporation broke ground on the 70MW expansion. The company has six data center campuses in the United States, located in Seattle, Austin, Ashburn, and New York City; the latter was recently deemed the 'ugliest building' in the city by sentiment analysis.

Sabey is not the first person to sue Grant County regarding tax disputes. H5 Data Centers filed a lawsuit against the county in 2019 over a $116 million data center assessment, despite spending only $36.1 million on the property.