Globenet: GlobeNet expanding in Brazil by building second data center in Fortaleza

Sep 03, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Globenet is going to build another data center in Fortaleza, Brazil. The facility is scheduled to be in operation by 2022. The Company says the new facility will triple the racks and power available in its existing Fortaleza data center. However, Globenet didn’t reveal the exact specifications of the facility.

CEO of Globenet, Eduardo Falzoni, said Fortaleza is the third-largest interconnection point in South America, and it is the gateway for close to 50 million people in Northeast Brazil. According to Globenet, the new Fortaleza data center will serve both international and local operators. It will also serve regional providers, over-the-top companies (OTTs), and content distribution networks (CDNs).

Fabio Laguado, CCO of Globenet, noted that the new facility would help expand Brazil’s digital economy. He added that the data center also shows the Company’s commitment to making data center solutions available for everybody in the region.

Existing Fortaleza facility

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