HostDime: GDL-IX, Latin America's Latest IXP, To Be Housed at HostDime's Mexico Data Facility

Feb 24, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

HostDime Mexico is delighted to report that GDL-IX, Guadalajara's inaugural peering exchange, will reside in its Guadalajara data center. So when HostDime's new Tier IV data center in Guadalajara is completed in the coming year, GDL-IX will be expanded to the new facility. By March 10, 2023, GDL-IX will be operational, allowing tenants, carriers, and internet companies to interchange traffic. LAC-IX (Latin American and Caribbean Internet Exchange), a subsidiary of LACNIC, has recently authorized the start of GDL-IX. This is the second data center chosen by an IXP to dwell in a HostDime facility, the first being the exchange point, which is in HostDime's Joo Pessoa, Brazil, data center. HostDime is also preparing to install CFL-IX (Orlando's first peering exchange) in its planned Tier IV data center in Orlando, which will be finished in the second quarter of 2023. 

IXPs provide network interconnection and traffic exchange. It serves as a central hub, similar to how an airport or train station enables the transit of people between two sites. IXPs enable the exchange of network data swiftly and effectively. HostDime is a worldwide native carrier-neutral data center infrastructure provider with purpose-built public data centers in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Florida, USA, as well as owned networks in the United Kingdom, India, and Hong Kong. The short-term vision for HostDime includes a sustained emphasis on Latin America, with purpose-built data centers coming to Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Bolivia. 

HostDime aims to design, construct, and manage purpose-built, next-generation public data center facilities in emerging regions on the global periphery. HostDime provides a variety of cloud-native infrastructure offerings, such as bare-metal servers, cloud servers, colo, and Hardware-as-a-Service, at all of its distinctive global edge locations.

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