Batam: Gaw Capital announces joint venture for building data center in Batam, Indonesia

Jul 23, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Hong Kong-based real estate equity firm Gaw Capital Partners has announced a new joint venture with veteran Wong Ka Vin. The new company is Data Center First Pte Ltd. Gaw says the joint venture will focus exclusively on developing a data center campus in Batam, Indonesia.

Kenneth Gaw, President of Gaw Capital Partners, said the Company is delighted to work with Ka Vin and his team in developing the data center facility. He added that the joint venture reflects a massive achievement in the Company’s growth in the data center industry.

Kenneth Gaw further noted that the Company plans to grow its regional data center platform through acquisitions and development. He finally opined that Gaw Capital Partners' partnership with Data Center First Pte is a step in executing the goal.

Wong Ka Vin also commented on the joint venture. He said Data Center First would ensure that it is in tune with the latest trend in the market to ensure that it provides the best experience for clients.
Prospective Expansion of the campus at Nongsa Digital Park

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