Amazon AWS: Frederick County and AWS: Deal falls through

Feb 11, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

AWS plans for Frederick County in Maryland have fallen through; it has been reported. This announcement came after Amazon and the county government was unable to reach an agreement on the project’s timeline. 

Initial plans outlined that data centers would go to three communities in the south, which would have been accompanied by an investment of $30 billion over 15 years. This would have been one of the largest projects in the state’s history.” However, according to officials, Amazon pushed too hard, presenting terms that were“close to impossible” and “impractical.”

The council outlined that if they were to pursue the proposal outlined by Amazon, it would have had to consider changes to “various areas of the county code.” Currently, the county’s code prohibits zoning changes within six months of the end of a term. As such, officials would have had tight deadlines (a year) to complete the necessary permitting, planning and rezoning for everything to go ahead.